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How To Operate The Children's Playground Most Effectively?

How To Operate The Children's Playground Most Effectively?

The children's playground is a place that brings unlimited joy to children, and also brings many childhood memories of children. There are many children's playgrounds on the market now. Many people want to invest in children's playgrounds, join the entrepreneurial army, and have the dream of reaping wealth in life.


But to be successful, you must first understand how to do it. The following IFUN PARK will introduce some of the most effective ways to operate the children's playground.

1. Scientific member management method

At present, traditional children's playgrounds for the members management is roughly, and they have not played their due role. There are many areas that can be improved, such as:

(1) Too much investment in the development of new members, and the proportion of old customer relationship maintenance services has shrunk, making it insensitive to member loss.

(2) High potential rational consumption customers are ignored, game center owners are more focus on the avid customers who like buying special price products.

(3) The frequency of communication among members is too high, and the purpose of communication is too direct, causing harassment and disgust. The communication channel is single and does not understand the customer's communication habits.


(4) Lack of management of each life cycle of the customer, unable to activate the customer's secondary active.

(5) Lack of long-term membership management awareness, and simply understand the membership system as an activity promotion, which reduces the consumption level of members.


In response to the above drawbacks, we need to form intuitive reports through data analysis, provide decision-making support for managers, and promote the secondary consumption of members.

Then, for everyone to analyze, the consumption of children's playground members can be roughly divided into several types, and the corresponding countermeasures:

(1) High-value members: annual sales of venues contribute to the top 15%. This category is the most high-quality customer group in the venue, not only the consumption frequency is high, but the consumption in each time is also high. Through system screening, implement "one-to-one" service marketing as much as possible, and mail parasitic day experience coupons or other gifts before the customer's birthday and so on.

(2) Highly loyal members: the annual sales of the venue contribute to the top 50%, and the interval between second visits to the store and consumption does not exceed 30 days. This category is the mainstream customer of the venue, but also the regular customer, with high consumption frequency and certain consumption ability. Therefore, we have to launch new products from time to time to attract the crowd. For example, the system can increase the purchase rate by setting the full gift, full discount and other marketing techniques in the off-season.


(3) High unit price members: Ranked in the top 15% of average effective consumption within half a year. The single visit to the store consumption is much higher than the average amount. These members belong to high-end customers. For customers whose average consumption frequency and consumption amount are very high in the near future, we need to provide personalized move services and special priority treatment. High unit price members are 2/8 of our customer population. It is not recommended to treat them Do event discounts.

(4) Low-cost and high-frequency members: the top 15% of venue marketing revenue. This type of member has a low single consumption amount but a high frequency, and belongs to a customer group that is greedy for small and cheap but has a certain spending power. We can screen them through the system, do more marketing activities for them, and promptly increase their spending limits, and use them to increase the visibility of the park.


(5) Low-priced low-frequency members: The venue's revenue from marketing ranks in the bottom 15%. Such members is freeloading but do not have the ability to spend. They will come as a gift if there is a marketing activity, but will not come without a marketing activity. Each time a marketing response, the cash contribution to the company is very low, or there is basically no cash, so we can screen these customers, and lock the (marketing blacklist), they will not be included in the marketing target group in the next marketing campaign.

(6) “Dormant” members: members who have no consumption records within six months. For such members, we should regularly pay attention to the flow and changes of customers, collect service feedback from “sleeping” customers through communication, then continuously improve our management and production.

By launching “wake-up” marketing activities to attract “sleeping” customers to come again. The biggest goal is to get service feedback from these “sleeping” members and find out the reasons why the members are “sleeping”, so as to improve their own services and management, and find out the shortcomings of marketing.


(7) Obvious outflow members: the consumption frequency within three months is less than 50% of the cumulative consumption frequency. If such members are not maintained, they will soon become sleeping members. Therefore, we must manage their dynamics through member system management, regularly screen out members who are obviously lost for gifts and other marketing, activate their consumption frequency, and let customers feel that we are concerned.

2. Develop diversified profit channels


(1) Advertising: When operating a children's playground, you can also try to find new profit points. For example, when the business is not busy, you can talk about cooperation with various stores in the shopping center and the education center to pull advertisements.

On the surface, pulling advertisements is thought to increase revenue, but in fact there is a deeper meaning: brand effect. If parents see advertisements for some well-known early childhood education centers or well-known children's products on children's game machines, they will naturally think that the children's playground is also a well-known brand with strong strength.


(2) Carry out related children's business. Mainly carry out related activities according to customer needs. For example, make some souvenirs for children, picture books and the like to attract the attention of children and parents. Parents are willing to leave some commemorative things for their children’s childhood. On specific holidays or children’s birthdays, small gifts such as picture books, children’s books or commemorative children’s souvenirs can be used as holiday gifts.

3. Pay attention to every detail


In fact, the children's playground is not a business for children, but a business for adults. If this is not fully understood, the business will not be ideal.

(1) It’s free for adults and higher income. Not only do children’s business, but also adult’s business. For example, children are charged according to the hour, and adults are provided with a place to rest, so that both adults and children can enjoy high-quality services in the playground.


(2) Post disinfection notices to drive the flow of people. The child’s resistance is low. Parents are most concerned about the sanitation of the play area. It is necessary to post a disinfection reminder at the door. The sanitary conditions must be maintained at all times, and don’t make parents think this is a show.

In addition, perform simple disinfection for every child and parent who enters the venue to play, and wash their hands with a non-washing disinfectant. In this way, parents can rest assured that they are willing to put their children here to play.

(3) You can also set up a message board to extract the good parenting experience you have seen from the media on it, not only for mothers to see, but also for mothers to come here to exchange experiences, and it will also bring many loyal customers to the paradise.


Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done to open a children’s playground, such as decoration, site selection, equipment, etc., which are not stated here. I believe that as long as the operators have the thinking of seeking change and empathy, they will implement some good measures. The playground will have a bright future.

IFUN PARK will support our customers to make a wonderful game center. 

IFUN PARK a reliable and responsible game machine factory.

IFUN PARK is worthy of the customer's choice.

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