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Meaningful Customer Game Center Visiting

Meaningful Customer Game Center Visiting

It was in the end of April, new company activity was coming, this time, we will have a different plan--we will visit our customer game center!!!

Before we arrived at the park, we learned that there are fruit park, zoo, restaurant and game center in it, very big and beautiful.

We sit in the car bound for the customer's park with excitement and anticipation.


Very beautiful large estate

We were so expecting what would happen:)


Fruit picking time

In fact, we were eatting when we were picking the fruits.


I was very full.
What was the next?

Then we should do some exercise to eliminate food.


Feed the ostrich

It seems that ostriches also like eating fruits.


Move forward to the game center.


We were shocked, very nice game center!!!

Our machines

Shine bright like a diamond


When we saw the first sight of soft playground, our little boy couldn’t wait to join in.

8_Indulge in the charm of the naughty castle

To make a nice game center, when we consider the ages of customers, small kids is very necessary, then to make a soft playground with arcade game machines, it will be wonderful.

Cover all the ages, kids, teenagers, adults, and old people(who usually accompany with their grandkids.)


Nice Bumper Car Competition


We ended this enjoyable day with delicious dinner
Our customer game center is very nice and we believe he will have a wonderful business.

Wish our customer can do better and better.

IFUN PARK do our best support our customers.

Experienced services and professional technical support.


We provide 3D design according to your site, game machines selection, production, installation, technical maintenance services. And our company has 15 years of production and technical experience to help customers build wonderful long-term high revenue gaming projects.
If you are also interested in making a game center, welcome to contact me:+8613360551904

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